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Why so many families choose us for beach portraits:

•With over 30 years past experience of living and photographing at the beach, Certified Professional Photographer Jack Deere is an artist providing you with the skills, patience, knowledge, confidence and training to create a custom photographic personal piece of art you will truly treasure.

•We create quality portraiture all year long, in color or black and white, from finished prints and cards, to fine-art canvas wall portraits.

•We offer a wide selection of popular print sizes, printed at a professional lab to fit any budget.

•Families and couples get the very best portrait session. Our approach helps you relax, and enjoy the experience.

•We work quickly to create a large variety of images for your selections.

•There are many options and locations for your portrait including the surf, sand, dunes, marsh grass, or someplace special to you and your family.

•We know the best areas for photography, and the best times of day for each area, orchestrating them under varying weather conditions.

•We use advanced satellite and radar monitoring of the weather to assure your window of opportunity for your best portrait session and pictures.

•We are licensed, and insured and have the required beach photography permits.


•Jack Deere is schooled in photography, and an experienced Certified Professional Photographer located in Hilton Head Island, SC.

•Jack and his staff have the training and experience and guarantees you will be satisfied, and you won't get better photography anywhere else.

•Your satisfaction with our work is fully guaranteed for memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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